Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream Fragments

Dream Fragments

The window latch sleep opens,
Then the mind flits out,
And wends the regions,
Boundless, free, and twilit,
Till warm rays kiss the night welt.

Like a rat the mind darted
Along the shrubs,
By the elephants chased.
Soon the legs lost quick paces,
And in fear, the mind to the body returns.

The mind slowly lands
On the school boyhood loitered,
And sees the collyrium touched eye brows,
And side long looks ever charmed,
But all broken eyes opened.

The vennel snake creeps
The mind dared to prowl,
And peep the beauty sleeps,
As the canoe floats on rill,
But wakes up in trance.

The mind prances,
The stars clash,
And the stem broken the moonlet fall:
All in a flash in the sweats vanish,
And drank the water from fear gush.

Dreams a few died
With its fossils
On inner sands stamped;
While vanish others
Like the rainbows.


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